Our California Sunroom


Well we've lived in our Southern California house for a full 3 months now. One thing I've discovered is that the lifestyle here is pretty laid back and that it's really all about being outside. That said, we spend most of our time at home barefoot somewhere between our sunroom and the backyard. So today, I thought it would be fun to walk you through the one room inside the house that seems to get the most use.


The space itself is pretty versatile and doubles as an office and play area for the kids. Most of our meals take place just outside on the back patio. As a Portland, Oregon native, this will be the first year of my life without a real Fall and Winter. We usually have to pull in all of our outdoor furniture in September so this year round outdoor lifestyle is all new to me!


We’ve lived in three different houses over the past three years, and one thing I learned is that art is the fastest way to make a space come alive and feel like home. This "Wandering" Art Print has a neutral palette and a calmness that is perfect for the room. 


Aside from Artwork, another one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to fill up any empty corner is by bringing in some fresh color with a houseplant. It's amazing what a plant can do to make any space feel welcoming. 

Houseplants not only make us feel healthy and happy but they can also be just as expressive as the art on our walls. Here is a guide to my favorite modern indoor plants. Ours have been soaking up the new sun!

[Click through to see favorites]

Thanks for taking a walk with me through our favorite room. I hope to share more of the house with you as it comes together.

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