A Pokémon Party


Clark turned 7 over the weekend and we decided to celebrate the day with a Pokémon inspired birthday! Planning a party in January can be a challenge since the weather limits us a bit. I never hesitate to have Allie's birthday at home since it's in July and we always have the backyard to double our space for guests (See Here). Luckily, after weeks of January snow we actually landed on a dry sunny day so guests were able to run around outside a bit (good thing too since Clark invited his entire class ). Here is a snapshot of all the party details in case you are looking for a few ideas of your own!

Pokemon Birthday

Since the kids love all the individual card characters I thought it would be cute to turn a variety of them into cupcakes. I uploaded this stock photo to customize this wrapping paper, these trays, and the majority of the tableware. Propping the trays on empty wrapped boxes made for perfect little cake stands.
The "Catch it!" art I used on these plates can be found HERE. Shutterfly plates are the best. They are light weight, easy to clean and fun for kids to customize.

If you're like me and wondering how to entertain 28+ kids without hiring a magician or clown then I would highly recommend this cotton candy machine. The cotton candy is so good but making it is the best part! 

I found this super easy Pokémon Candied Apple Tutorial HERE

We were excited to add this popcorn cart to our Nostalgia Electrics party collection. Just as fun as our Cotton Candy Machine and Chocolate Fountain. The kids loved having fresh movie theater style popcorn right in the living room. It made the whole house smell amazing and was the first snack guests grabbed when they arrived.

These personalized canvas goodie bags were the biggest hit of all. The kids absolutely loved finding their names on their own Pokemon Bag. Everything inside the bag matched the party since it was customized with the same stock art I used on the table. I felt really good about gifting items that the kids will use for years. The bags are so durable and the blankets are amazing! Shutterfly carries so many fun items for kids (SEE MORE HERE).

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I hope you enjoyed this little party snapshot. Feel free to leave any Pokémon Party links or ideas in the comments below for future readers!


Tableware and Pokemon Bags: Shutterfly
Cotton Candy and Popcorn Machine: Nostalgia Electrics
Cake and Cupcakes: Papa Haydn 
Table, Chairs and Linens: West Coast Event Productions