Making an Entrance


We've been in our new house for about four months now and it feels more like home than any other place we've ever lived. I think this is because we've really taken the time to ensure that the decor and the majority of what we bring into our new space reflects us personally. This meant spending many hours not only decluttering but also mapping out the purpose and plan of each room. One space that was always at the top of my to do list was the entryway and front of the home. After all, a well thought out entryway and front porch sets the tone and style for the rest of the house. This nice little landing also happens to be where we say goodbye to each other every weekday morning and where we greet each other at the end of a long day! So now after a few months, our entryway is finally complete!

A lower 3ft modern fence and a comfortable bench made a huge difference to the front of the house but for months our guests were unfortunately greeted in an empty hallway. So now that I've finally tackled the space I thought it would be fun to give you a few design ideas and team up with Framebridge to offer you 15% off of your first purchase! Just use code AJCJ15

Framebridge is an affordable online frame shop that makes it simple and easy to create art for your home. You can either send in your own photos and prints or upload art direct to their site.
We had a print framed that had been tucked away in a closet for a few years! I simply measured it then selected a color and style of frame. They have 25 frames and 30 mats to choose from so there are endless options! The finished frame is delivered right to your door—that’s it! The best part is that custom frames are just $39-$159 and shipping is free.

So have fun taking a second look at your home's entryway. Especially now that Fall is here and the Holidays are just around the corner. Maybe that last piece of art is just what it needs. Don't forget to use code AJCJ15.

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