Halloween Around the Corner


Have you started the Halloween season yet? It's been averaging 80 degrees in Portland, Oregon this week so part of me has been in denial that Summer has ended. We experience about 5 months of rainy overcast days here so by the time Spring rolls around it's almost like a religious experience for me. Even with all this in mind, I can't help but get excited for all the Fall and Winter traditions that are around the corner. One of our Halloween traditions is ordering a big box of candy, crafts and trick or treating toys from the Oriental Trading Company.

This year the the Oriental Trading Company let us pick out a varied mix of goods to review. The kid's could not be happier. Check out their Online Halloween Store when you have a chance. Their novelty candy, fun plush stuffed animals, and knick knacks are perfect for trick or treaters. We were pretty popular last year!

Clark has already been handing out candy and toys to all of our neighbors. It's pretty sweet.

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