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So I am back after a big break! Thanks for continuing to follow along. If you know this blog then you know I have a tendency to post mostly when I take on a big project rather than just the day to day. I hope to change that and check in a little more as we continue to settle into our new house. Boy, it's been a lot of work but also a lot of fun. As I map out the design of each room I hope to continue to be a resource for those of you looking for some fresh ideas.

Moving into this new space was a bit of a process. We sold our home, put the majority of our belongings into storage, rented another temporary space, luckily found this house as the foundation was going in, then waited a few months as the construction was completed. The good news is that moving twice gave us the chance to re-evaluate what we had been holding onto for years and really declutter things. It also taught me that we were "at home" no matter where we lived as long as we were together having fun and making new memories. All in all the kids did a great job with the changes and are just so happy to settle into their new little routines. 

The design of this home is very modern so we have been busy selling our old furniture and transitioning in new more appropriate contemporary pieces. (Emily Henderson's new Design Book (HERE) has been really inspirational. Check it out if you haven't yet.) My go to furniture places have been West Elm, Crate and Barrel and my new found favorite Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Company. Schoolhouse Electric's showroom is in Portland so it has been hard to stay away. They have a cafe there too so even more reason to visit.

Anyway, let's get to it already! The first interior blog project in this home could not have come at a better time! Teaming up with Shutterfly, Land of Nod and a few more of my favorite children's brands meant I could check Allie's room off my to do list right away. It also meant the kid's could settle into their new house immediately which made the transition a joy for them. 

The last interior room project I completed for Allie (HERE) was in her nursery so it was beyond time for her to transition into a big girl room. My goal was to design a space that would get her through grade school and I am very happy with the result.
The Land of Nod has stylish items that will really last so I found all the basic furniture pieces to complete the room there. I used Shutterfly to add a more personalized design approach to the space. You may remember the Shutterfly project I took on in Clark's old room (HERE). I just love using our own images and stock photography to add personality to the kid's rooms. I always get a result that can't be achieved any other way. Integrating one image on the wall art and transitioning that to the pillows, accessories and blankets in the room is what makes it all magic.

 Entire Collage Wall:  Upload Your Own Design Art Print  | Basic Light Pink Duvet:  Upload Your Own Design Twin Cover  | Dark Pink Velvet Comforter:  Snug as a Bug Quilt  | Woven Cat Throw:  Upload Your Own Design Photo Blanket  |  Upload Your Own Design Sham  |  Gingiber Hedgehog Pillow  | Cat/Black and White Striped/Hello Pillow (s):  Upload Your Own Design Pillows  | Multicolor Woven Throw:  Upload Your Own Design Photo Blanket  |  Apple Throw Pillow  |

Entire Collage Wall: Upload Your Own Design Art Print | Basic Light Pink Duvet: Upload Your Own Design Twin Cover | Dark Pink Velvet Comforter: Snug as a Bug Quilt | Woven Cat Throw: Upload Your Own Design Photo Blanket | Upload Your Own Design Sham | Gingiber Hedgehog Pillow | Cat/Black and White Striped/Hello Pillow (s): Upload Your Own Design Pillows | Multicolor Woven Throw: Upload Your Own Design Photo Blanket | Apple Throw Pillow |

 Hippo and Cat Wall Art:  Upload Your Own Design Art Print  | Low Level Cubby Storage:  Storagepalooza  |  A Teepee to Call Your Own  |

Hippo and Cat Wall Art: Upload Your Own Design Art Print | Low Level Cubby Storage: StoragepaloozaA Teepee to Call Your Own |

Land of Nod Furniture

This teepee spends half of it's life inside and the other half in the backyard. 

land of nod furniture

I love the apparel and tote bag Stacie Bloomfield of Gingiber sent over for us to include in this room design. You can find some of her amazing interior products at reputable companies like The Land of Nod but I have been lucky enough to work with her directly over the years. Aren't these designs great? She started when she wanted some fun art for her baby's nursery and now she is living the dream of being a working artist. Her inspiration is derived from heirloom quilt patterns, beloved animals, and carefully curated color palettes. You have got to check out her online shop. She just expanded her line to include the sweetest wallpaper. 
Speaking of apparel, you know that I can't feature a favorite clothing brand without pairing them up with a pair Freshly Picked Moccasins. I just had to get my hands on their new hard-sole versions. We just love them.  They are handmade with amazingly soft leather, carry great design and come in a beautiful selection of colors! HERE is an adorable throwback to the first time we tried their Moccs.

Land of Nod Furniture

Shutterfly is another family favorite to expand their line of products. Their new jewelry is the sweetest and now Allie has a beautiful collection of bracelets, necklaces and removable charms to grow into. The bracelets look great stacked and I even find myself borrowing a few pieces here and there. They look so fancy displayed on THIS inexpensive acrylic stand. I used the same stock imagery as the wall art to create some of the charms. Family photos also make these pieces special too.

land of nod furniture
land of nod furniture
land of nod furniture

Let's be honest, Allie's room is only this clean for a few minutes at a time but investing in a bunch of THESE has made clean up super easy. I don't even bother to organize the toys but instead her and I just toss them in quickly and randomly. They all get dumped out or pulled out later on anyway. It's a simple way to make things "look" and feel organized.

Shutterfly has the greatest customizable items to accessorize with. We like to keep a few plates and cups around for storing paint brushes and using as quick easels. We love them for the kitchen too. The kids use these plastic cups and melamine plates more than anything else now. In fact, we have developed quite the collection! They are great since I don't have to worry about them breaking and they are super light and easy to throw in the dishwasher or hand wash. I keep them stacked in lower kitchen drawers next to the pantry so the kids can make their own snacks. They love the independence. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first interior project tackled in the new house. Stay tuned and have an excellent weekend!

Some but not all products were provided c/o in exchange for styling and promotion. Thank you to our friends at Shutterfly, Gingiber, Land of Nod and Freshly Picked.