Christmas with Kids


It's funny how many of the new Christmas traditions we come up with for our kid's are just variations of the one's we grew up with. From a very young age I loved having the freedom of choosing gifts for my friends. Each year my Mom would give me a small budget to spend at the local drugstore however I wanted. Usually I'd gift each friend something like THIS, THIS,  or  THIS (seriously no idea they still sold all these 90's gems). While I am not giving Clark $20 to walk to the store on his own anytime soon, I will let him sit with me and choose a handful of bulk Christmas crafts, candy or toys for his friends via

The kids and I had so much fun putting together little affordable gift boxes for each friend and neighbor. It's great how most of the items to choose from come in bulk so that everyone on your list or classroom is easily covered. The gift boxes they offer are also small enough for little hands and fit nicely in the kid's backpacks to take along to school.

I've put together a list of links to our favorite kid's classroom gifting items for you! Let me know if you decide to put this one on your list of traditions. On another note, we also like to let the kid's choose a toy to give to their local toy drive each year as well. Usually Clark will pick a toy for a boy his age. I've found that the Holiday Season is a nice time of year to teach the joy of giving, generosity and compassion for others. Have fun gearing up for the season with your little ones!

Oriental Trading Kid's Christmas Store:
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