Exposed Shelving: Styling Tips


What are you reading? I've been all about accessorizing with books lately. One of my favorite design accents in our house is our exposed shelving. I was eager to get them stacked a filled right away since they are such a huge focal point in each room downstairs. That said, styling them was a bit of a puzzle. While modern built ins look lovely architecturally, the storage space itself is completely exposed so it's important to keep everything on them organized and intentional. 

I am constantly on the hunt for new and interesting books. They have given me some great styling ideas and have also created great style when stacked and placed throughout our house. Books add height for balance, fill space in an uncluttered manner, and provide a little inspiration when needed. Here are my current favorites.

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Group certain types of books that you may use more often together by space. For example, store design and fashion books close to a common living space and place your cookbooks or juicing books near the dining area. 

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