Halloween Around the House


Halloween happens to be one of the most entertaining holidays of the year! That's why, I was so excited to put together a table for you! 

This imaginative kids table was fun and simple to design. Let's start with the basics. Staying on trend and using a few low-to the ground fold out picnic tables keeps things lighthearted and casual. I am using two tables placed right next to one another in order to seat six but stacking more together creates and impressive buffet-like shape (so go ahead and adjust based on your guest list). Comfortable outdoor pillows are great for this type of setting.

This year, I designed and printed my party supplies and table settings using Shutterfly.com rather going with one-use paper goods.  These decor items will be used year after year!
All you need in order to recreate your own table is a little creativity and 4-6 of your favorite high res halloween stock images. Choosing one main character and pairing that with a few complimentary prints and patterns balances things out.

Novelty candy and cupcakes make great handouts but these ornaments are the perfect take-home keepsake. I paired our glass ornament with this handsome little Oriental Trading Company fellow. The kids cannot get enough of their toys, games, and crafts these days. 

Speaking of candy, these creative and colorful picks are my favorites.

Have a Happy Halloween!