Decorating Ideas


Our kids are headed back to school soon and that means a fresh new start. In fact, now is the perfect time of year to prep for earlier mornings and busier weeknights. As Parents, we may be concerned with cleaning out closets, organizing toys, and arranging nice quiet homework nooks for our little students. Really anything to make for an easier transition on them. 
Since this is Clark's first year of school we went ahead and took all of this prep to another level. His preschooler room was in desperate need of a refresh. Luckily few household tasks are as much fun as decorating a kid's room! That's why I was so thrilled to partner up with on this transformation.

Redecorating a child's bedroom is perhaps the most fun because you can use their interests and imagination to fuel your designs. It is however important to note that our little ones are constantly changing. That's why it is always a good idea to choose a theme or style that is age-appropriate now but stylish enough to grow with them. makes this easy! I was able to customize each pillow, blanket and piece of art with my own personal choice of imagery. I made sure that each item was cute enough for my little guy now but smart enough to last us a few years. Shutterfly allows you to create a custom room with a timeless look that kids can grow with, not out of.

Would you believe that most of the images I uploaded to and used to create these decor elements are actually stock photos?! The best part about using stock photos was the fact that I had millions to choose from! I wasn't locked into choosing a single predetermined cookie cutter design but could mix and match to my liking. 
I loved becoming an interior designer with the click of a mouse! Watching my creations pull together and come to life was so much fun.

Although I may have designed these pillows, blankets and canvases with a little one in mind, the materials are anything short of style and sophistication. Good thing too since a kid's bedroom/playspace/homework hub is guaranteed to be one of the most well-trafficked places in the house. 

We love these photo cubes! Try stacking them on a bookshelf for a playful look. Print one upside down so you can use it as a little planter. Try using the same textured image or color throughout all three blocks so that they match as a set.

Short on bookends? Try stacking your literature vertically and horizontally to create some visual interest. Use the empty flat areas for toys or these amazing desktop plaques. I uploaded a self portrait that Clark painted along with an inspiring print from the Printed Palette.

This map of the United States and this ABC print spark great conversation. Each night we talk about a new state. What a fun way to learn about Geography. Both of these were printed on this modern wood wall material.

A large USA wall decal will allow us to keep track of our adventures for years to come.

The Crest Monogram decal fills a corner beautifully while fun pillows cozy up any chair. I used outdoor pillows for a more matted and masculine look but the choice is really yours.
And how about this lunch bag? How cute is that!?

Clustering large similarly themed custom framed prints fill up empty space wonderfully and creates a cohesive look that matches without being too obvious.

Instead of buying new bedding every two years, why not get a comforter that they'll love forever? Try using texture and color when designing this quilt! Keeping the quilt moderately basic allows you to change up the pillows periodically for a whole new look. Repeating a pattern , image or color between bedding, wall art and other decor ties the room together.

There you have, my own interior design masterpiece. Thanks so much
Have fun starting on your own designs!