Allie's Updated Room


Welcome to Allie's updated room! I spent a little time cleaning it up yesterday so that I could share it with you. Whenever I am creating a space for my kids I like the room to feel creative and imaginative. Everything is designed with them in mind. 

Shelves and crates provide wonderful storage but also serve as a great way to display vintage books and special toys that are just too pretty to be tucked away. In this case, I've displayed a collection of classic golden books from my childhood. If you don't have yours on hand, make sure to check out the new line of classics illustrated by Anna Bond. Aren't they beautiful?

Since Allie is the second child, her nursery was set up with a mix of new white furniture purchased for her but also included some reused older espresso colored items that belonged to her brother. Replacing her "hand me down" changing table gave me the excuse to get a few new fresh pieces just for her. I wanted her updated space to look joyful but in a modern and organized way. With that in mind, I managed to find some of my new favorite pieces. We just love spending time here.

 The new line of Aden and Anais Haircare is amazing. We are all using it. It smells wonderful and makes your hair super shiny. 

The new line of Aden and Anais Haircare is amazing. We are all using it. It smells wonderful and makes your hair super shiny. 

This adorable Giving Tree Handheld mirror is so pretty that I decided to display it alongside some of our new Minted wall art. The mirror is one of those pieces that Allie will have forever and simply has the best kids nursery and room art around. These prints literally carry over from a baby's nursery to a teenagers room.

Another great item that paired perfectly with the new art were these Love Mae wall decals. Have you heard of Love Mae? Make sure to check them out. Their little studio is nestled in the coastal hills of Northern New South Wales.  It is here that they create gorgeous housewares for kids. They produce vintage-inspired fabric wall decals, wallpaper, wrapping paper and dinner sets.
I love that these polkadot decals are versatile and budget-friendly! They are so fun to apply and best of all, they can be removed and repositioned again and again. They worked out beautifully with our Be Bold print.

I am in love with Land of Nod and the adorable storage solutions they offer kids. The storagepalooza system is stackable and the cubbies come in 2 or 3 segments. They work great on the floor so that babies can easily access their favorite toys and can also be used later in closets for shoes or other small items.

This dollhouse Land of Nod Shelf has literally transformed the room into an imaginative play zone. It displays toys beautifully and doubles as an actual house for Allie's dolls when she is playing. Genius in my book.

Some of Allie's other favorite items include a rocking chair that has been in our family for over 150 years (crazy I know), Gingiber Animal Pillows and her new Green Toys Tea Set. 

Aren't these pillows amazing? They are sweet enough for children but smart enough for adults. Illustrator Stacie Bloomfield founded Gingiber when she wanted some amazing art for her baby's nursery. Now Stacie is living the dream of being a working artist and she stays super busy creating playful prints, pillows, tea towels and totes. Her inspiration is derived from heirloom quilt patterns, beloved animals, and carefully curated color palettes. You have got to check out her online shop.