Halloween Party Invites


Is it just me, or are holiday traditions and celebrations 100% more fun with kids? In a way, it is almost like you get to re-live all the Halloween magic you experienced when you were a child. And let's face it, kids like to celebrate halloween all month long. That means, more than a few pumpkin patch visits, messy cookie baking and decorating, wearing and washing costumes several times a week and of course party planning!


When it comes to looking for kids party invites online there is no shortage of adorableness! Whether you're inviting just a few kids or the whole class, creative invitations are a fun way to make your child's party special from the moment your guests first hear about it.
This year's invitation is from TinyPrints.com and let me tell you, they are designed to wow. Take a look! There are so many to choose from and as you can see the quality is amazingly adorable.


So this year, why not make the season special with a sweet printed keepsake rather than getting stuck in the routine of sending out electronic invites? Especially when tinyprints.com makes it so easy!  We simply uploaded our friends mailing addresses into their system and they posted and sent out everything for us! Thanks TinyPrints.com

I hope these ideas make your season a little more fun! How about you, are there any special holiday items you've found around the web?