Holiday Cheer


Have you starting planning for the Holidays yet? I've gotten better with all the little details since having kids that's for sure. The both of them just take so much joy in all the traditions. 
Each year, I work toward the end goal of collecting enough Christmas ornaments to make an impact on our large Oregon grown tree. I am happy to report that after a decade or so we are finally there!
I am also all about customizing this year. I am loving THESE Photo ornaments that in time become family treasures, THIS beautiful name specific wrapping paper that automatically makes your gifts more thoughtful, and THESE Personalized Cards that shout "HELLO, HOW ARE YOU?" to out of town relatives. So if you are on the hunt for a few Holiday gems then take a look at my new favorites! is my go to for all our gift wrap this year. There are so many beautiful customizable designs to choose from and they all look great together! I also love that this paper is nice and thick so won't tear apart as I am trying to wrap. I spend a good amount of time wrapping oddly shaped toys and stocking stuffers so I love that I can pull this paper in each direction without having to start over again. So if you want great design and color under your tree this year then take a look.

Another Holiday design/decor favorite of mine are these chic pillows. I love having them around the house. They make great gifts too since they are customizable. I am in love with all the vibrant festive colors, smart modern graphics and tasteful eye catching patterns to choose from.

I know that the Holiday's can get a little busy for everyone. I hope this go to resource has helped you plan ahead a little bit! So have fun ramping up your home for the Holiday's, getting those cards designed and customizing some beautiful wrapping paper.

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Christmas with Kids


It's funny how many of the new Christmas traditions we come up with for our kid's are just variations of the one's we grew up with. From a very young age I loved having the freedom of choosing gifts for my friends. Each year my Mom would give me a small budget to spend at the local drugstore however I wanted. Usually I'd gift each friend something like THIS, THIS,  or  THIS (seriously no idea they still sold all these 90's gems). While I am not giving Clark $20 to walk to the store on his own anytime soon, I will let him sit with me and choose a handful of bulk Christmas crafts, candy or toys for his friends via

The kids and I had so much fun putting together little affordable gift boxes for each friend and neighbor. It's great how most of the items to choose from come in bulk so that everyone on your list or classroom is easily covered. The gift boxes they offer are also small enough for little hands and fit nicely in the kid's backpacks to take along to school.

I've put together a list of links to our favorite kid's classroom gifting items for you! Let me know if you decide to put this one on your list of traditions. On another note, we also like to let the kid's choose a toy to give to their local toy drive each year as well. Usually Clark will pick a toy for a boy his age. I've found that the Holiday Season is a nice time of year to teach the joy of giving, generosity and compassion for others. Have fun gearing up for the season with your little ones!

Oriental Trading Kid's Christmas Store:
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*Special thanks to the Oriental Trading Company for supporting this post!

Halloween Decor


I hope everyone had a great Halloween. In celebration of the Holiday, I've teamed up with to offer you 15% off your first custom frame order. Just use code AJCJ15

We kept our Halloween fun and easy with friends. Our pre trick or treating party was the perfect way to get our little ones to eat some dinner before filling up on candy. We had a handful of kids and parents over for pizza, appetizers and juice boxes (or wine if you were a grown up). After collecting candy, our group of about 20 ended the night a little later than usual. Overall, it was just super fun and laid back. I think it might be a new tradition.

 * A Ninja Turtle eating a piece of pizza before guests arrived.

* A Ninja Turtle eating a piece of pizza before guests arrived.

My approach to decorating this year was simple. I opted to put out a few decor favorites rather than plastering the entire place in fake spider webs like I usually do. This Frankenstein print was perfect and is a definite favorite in our house now. Even though it says "Happy Halloween" Clark wants it in his room year round. The frame turned out beautiful.

Framebridge is an affordable online shop that makes it simple and easy to create art for your home. This Halloween print was something a design company gifted my Husband at work a few years ago. We were happy to finally get it framed.

To get started, simply find something you love and need framed. You can either send in your own photos and prints or upload art direct to their site. Just gather the specific dimensions, select a color and style of frame and wait for your pre-paid packaging to arrive.  
They have 25 frames and 30 mats to choose from so the options are endless! The finished frame is delivered right to your door—that’s it! The best part is that custom frames are just $39-$159 and shipping is free.

 *Some of our favorite guests arriving to the party!

*Some of our favorite guests arriving to the party!

 *The kid's loved Trick or Treating this year. These guys have been friends since they were a few months old! So cute to see them together.

*The kid's loved Trick or Treating this year. These guys have been friends since they were a few months old! So cute to see them together.

Have fun framing and don't forget to use code AJCJ15

Exposed Shelving: Styling Tips


What are you reading? I've been all about accessorizing with books lately. One of my favorite design accents in our house is our exposed shelving. I was eager to get them stacked a filled right away since they are such a huge focal point in each room downstairs. That said, styling them was a bit of a puzzle. While modern built ins look lovely architecturally, the storage space itself is completely exposed so it's important to keep everything on them organized and intentional. 

I am constantly on the hunt for new and interesting books. They have given me some great styling ideas and have also created great style when stacked and placed throughout our house. Books add height for balance, fill space in an uncluttered manner, and provide a little inspiration when needed. Here are my current favorites.

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Group certain types of books that you may use more often together by space. For example, store design and fashion books close to a common living space and place your cookbooks or juicing books near the dining area. 

[Click through to see favorites]

[Click through to see favorites]

Halloween Shopping


Halloween is big in our house! I haven't decided if I am going to go all out and throw a party for the kids but of course that hasn't stopped me from mapping out a few details just in case. 
So here they are, a few festive favorites, a handful of trusted party staples and a couple of tips to get you through October!

   Ever send a Halloween greeting card? It is way more fun then a Christmas card since it is so unexpected. Costumes  Chasing Fireflies  , Halloween Greeting Card  Tinyprints

Ever send a Halloween greeting card? It is way more fun then a Christmas card since it is so unexpected. Costumes Chasing Fireflies , Halloween Greeting Card Tinyprints

Let's start with the basics. If you want to plan an adorable and unforgettable party then browse a few of my favorites to get started! These basics are sure to create a beautiful event.

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Once you are well stocked up on supplies, consider some seating just for the kids! I had so much fun designing a kid's table with Shutterfly and The Oriental Trading Company last year. Take a look at all the details in THIS POST for a few ideas.

Once you have determined your seating, try refining your space with a large photo backdrop.
Ever since I featured the Drop it Modern Backdrop for Allie's Birthday I have been hooked on using them for events. They create a dramatic look, transform an environment and are great for memorable group photos. Personally, I would either go with this one or this one!
These backdrops also work great behind dessert tables! Speaking of desserts, I generally find an online cake or cupcake favorite and send it to a pastry artist for a re-creation. If you are a Portland local then be sure to contact Ashley Wilson at Papa Haydn's!
Here are this year's favorite Halloween desserts.

A color themed candy table is another must have focal point at a party. I love THIS GUIDE.
Novelty candy always makes things more interesting. That said, try adding a few gummy earthworms or monster hand suckers to your table!

Shop My Halloween Novelty Candy Favorites:

Halloween stationery, cards, stickers and napkins are just a few items you won't regret stocking up on this Month.

We also tend to read a Halloween book each night in the last few weeks of October. If I am not picking them up at the library they are usually a last minute Grocery Store impulse purchase. I am always on the look out for new literature but some of the best books bring back some 1980s nostalgia..

Shop Halloween Bestsellers: 

Well there you have it! My favorite Halloween items. What are yours?